Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Colouring Fair Skin

I'm going to walk you through colouring fair skin, I will be using 2 Promarker, Soft peach and Ivory, the Image I'm using is by Mo Manning and called Birthday Party Paper Dolls.

Starting with the Soft Peach promarker colour where the shadows and darker areas would be on her skin, under her hair line, around the edges of her face, arms and legs, her cheek bones,her knees and elbows and under her chin etc.

You can now start blending with the Ivory Promarker, you can see on the face half coloured that you start by colouring over the Soft peach that is already on the image, working in small circular motion from the out edge into the centre of the face, you may need to go over the joining edge a few times until the two colours blend together, looking at the two images of the face you can see on the left image that it still looks a little patchy where the two blend, on the right image you can see that once it is dry it has smoothed out, this is because the ink still carry's on blending whilst drying, so on the second image you can see it is the right side of her face that is still drying.

Continue to blend the Soft Peach using the Ivory Promarker colour using a circular motion where the two colours meet until the whole image is coloured.

Lastly I went back over some of the shaded areas with the Soft peach shade as I needed where the deepest shadows would be to be a little darker.
I marked these areas with arrows in the image below so you can see exactly where I added the extra Soft peach colour.
If you compare both images the one above and the one below this text you will see the difference


Marge said...

I have Copics, but found I had to have several lighter shades for doing fair skin or my images ended up looking sunburned once I went back to blend. One stamped image I did was a Santa in swim trunks in the desert beside a cactus, so he looked fine with a sunburn--LOL! I'll never be a pro at coloring, but it's fun to learn!

Nicky said...

This is great thanks for sharing - looking forward to your next tips - thanks again x

mckinkle said...

Great tips Jak, thanks for sharing this with us all!

Keryn x

Julie said...

These are brilliant tips, im learning and will use this technique putting the darker colour on first. Thanks for the tips. julie x

Mad Mary said...

Just looked at your tips. Thank you so much Jak, you are an angel and this will help me so much.

Mary xx

the crafty duck said...

Hi Jak, thanks for the tips, they are fab and will help me with my colouring no end, thanks for sharing, looking forward to the next tips!! Lots of love Steph

syy said...

I've seen a lot of promarker techniques demonstrated but yours
is by far the clearest.

She looks great.



Anonymous said...

Keep them coming Jak, these are brilliant.


daisyrand said...

that is an excellent tip, i went to a class and they put the light colours on first but i think your way is best. any chance you could do hair? i have real problems with that particularly curly hair, mine always ends up looking stupid, i'm thinking of sticking to figures with hats!

Anonymous said...

this is a great tutorial. i am still quite new to my promarkers, and have found your advice very helpful thank you for taking time to show us.

Christine said...

Hi Jak wish I,d looked at this ages make it look so easy off to play & ruin some more cards..LOL.. fab tutorial I know where to look NOW.

Hugs Christine xx

Elaine said...

Oh thank you I have been using ivory and vanilla for blond hair but it never looks right have just tried these three and it looks fabulous thank you for the hint and tips Jak they are invaluable Hugs Elaine