Friday, 30 April 2010


Lets start with some basic information.
  1. Choose colours that you like. Then choose a light shade and a darker shade of the same colour tone, the lighter shade will work as highlights and the darker shade will be used for shadows.
  2. Use a dye base inkpad on your rubber stamp images (momento is a good one) if you use any solvent base ink pad the promarker will smudge the ink.
  3. If using digi images and printing them from an inkjet printer, leave the image overnight before colouring.
  4. Use card that is smooth to the touch to use your Promarkers on, if the card is too absorbant you will waste lots of the ink and you wont be able to blend the promarkers as well as you should be able to.
  5. use scratch paper to test your colours to match them before you start to colour in.
  6. Blender pens are great for making mistakes, you can use them to push the coloured ink back to where it should be.