Friday, 30 April 2010


Lets start with some basic information.
  1. Choose colours that you like. Then choose a light shade and a darker shade of the same colour tone, the lighter shade will work as highlights and the darker shade will be used for shadows.
  2. Use a dye base inkpad on your rubber stamp images (momento is a good one) if you use any solvent base ink pad the promarker will smudge the ink.
  3. If using digi images and printing them from an inkjet printer, leave the image overnight before colouring.
  4. Use card that is smooth to the touch to use your Promarkers on, if the card is too absorbant you will waste lots of the ink and you wont be able to blend the promarkers as well as you should be able to.
  5. use scratch paper to test your colours to match them before you start to colour in.
  6. Blender pens are great for making mistakes, you can use them to push the coloured ink back to where it should be.


jules said...

thanks for the info on pro markers!

Anonymous said...

promarkers are brilliant for colouring ribbon to match your card exactly - also any other flowery or fabric embellishmentsyou're adding

Catherine said...

These are brilliant tips and info Jak please keep them coming I need all the help I can get thank you x

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Jak, I've just invested in some promarkers and need all the tips I can get. I need to be able to get this right before my coloured images are put onto cards !
Keep the tips coming they are wonderful.
Thank you again


Marion said...

Thank you so much Jak, this has helped clarify things especially with the skin shading. Please can we have more?
Maz O'B

Maureen said...

This is going to be invaluable to me Jak...I'm just starting on colouring images and have been practicing with Whispers Strokes...not ideal I know but thats all I had. Though this weekend I shall be ordering some Promarkers and so will be visiting you pretty often. Thanks for the tips!!

Anonymous said...

I have recently bought promarkers so am still feeling my way around, so this info is invaluable, thanks for passing it on to us. Have had a look at the other tips you have as well. Many thanks Jak Luv XXX

Anonymous said...

That last comment was from me Ursula. Take care Jak XXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak Just invested in some Promarkers so your tutorial has helped tons.
Many Thanks Pauline

Judy said...

Hi, and thanks for the site and tips. What papers do you suggest using Promarkers with? I see lots of suggestions for Copics, and although I know some say it's the same, it's nice to know from someone who actually uses PMS.